EBL Travel Baseball

About Our Travel Program

Pure Baseball will be offering 10U - 13U programs in the 2019-2020 season! 

We Include: 

Unmatched Player Development 

  • We spend countless hours thinking of what we can do to better our players. Therefore, every practice is well-thought out and pre-planned to tailor to the individuals on the team. We guarantee everyone who enters our program will have improved their skill sets greatly, from when they first entered our program!

Player Progress Reports

  • Every player receives an assessment by utilizing different forms of technology that provides objective feedback. By doing this, we ensure that our players are truly developing. We put this info into progress reports which will be given at the beginning, middle and end of the season.

→ Full Uniform Package

  • Two (2) Jersey's
  • Two (2) batting practice jackets
  • Pants 
  • Belt 
  • Two (2) hats 
  • Socks 
  • Back pack 
  • T-shirt 
  • Helmet

Two Practices Per Week 

  • Starting the first week in November.
  • Outdoor practices will begin starting in March.

→ Twenty to Thirty Games 

  • AAU travel program - Fees + liability insurance pricing  included in package.

→ Two Travel Tournaments 

  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • One additional 

Professional Coaching 

  • We have no parent coaches in the program. All coaches have a high-level of playing experience and/or coaching experience.

Fundraising Opportunities 

  • We recognize that everyone comes from different walks of life. We want to make this program accessible to everyone! Fundraising opportunities will be available throughout the year to help offset/eliminate costs. 


  1. Integrity- We will always do what is best for our players. WE will always be upfront and do what is right.. 
  2. Loyalty- We are not looking to replace any of our players. Those who are accepted into our program are family. We want to see everyone through to high school and beyond.
  3. Respect - We are in the business of helping raise boys into men. Our players will learn to respect their coaches, teammates, opponents, and everyone they come into contact with.
  4. Hard work- There is no substitute for hard work. Our players will learn how to set and achieve goals. 

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